About Us

“ELITE” Is More Than Just Part Of Our Name

ELITE Concrete Pumpers is located in Lafayette, Louisiana and services Greater South Louisiana concrete pumping needs. Our expertise encompasses the pumping and placement of concrete in the commercial, industrial and residential construction arena. Our operators are certified through the American Concrete Pumping Association and they consistently strive to maintain the highest levels of safety, customer satisfaction and professionalism.

At ELITE Concrete Pumpers, the “ELITE” is more than just part of our name. It stands for ELITE customer service in a construction environment that has long since forgotten that every job is important no matter how large or small.

We work to offer a premium service at competitive pricing that is rivaled by no competitor. We recognize that the most important piece of the construction puzzle is the customer.

GOD cares about honesty in the workplace: your business is his business        - Proverbs 16:11 MSG